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Cannery Availability

The cannery is open to commercial clients by appointment only. Scheduling is prioritized on a first come, first served basis and reservations should be made up to a month in advance during the busy season (June-December). For “home canning” availability, visit the Prince Edward County Cannery page.

Commercial Production AvailabilityThursdays, Fridays, and By Appointment

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For information about becoming a co-packing or rental client, we recommend that you include answers to the following questions in your message to help us direct you:

  1. What kind of product(s) are you looking to produce? Can you share your recipe(s) with us (we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement)?
  2. At what scale are you looking to produce? Approximately how many bottles (and what size bottle) are you hoping to make each production date or each year? What is the largest batch of your product that you have made to date?
  3. Do you use any dairy or meat in your product(s)?
  4. When you make your product(s), do you apply any heat?
  5. Do you have experience bottling the product? Do you have a Process Approval Letter? (if not, we can assist!)
  6. Is your goal to make the product shelf stable or a refrigerated-only product?



(401) 864-0402


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Cannery/Commercial Kitchen Address

*Please contact us for mailing as office address differs from cannery address. No mail can be received at the cannery. Deliveries need to have coordination with staff.

7916 Abilene Rd

Farmville, VA 23901

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