Facility and Equipment

Prince Edward County Cannery & Commercial Kitchen

The Prince Edward County Cannery has been in use for community canning since 1975. To this day, home users utilize this County-operated cannery and service to make shelf-stable products in metal cans for personal consumption (not for retail sale). For more information on this non-commercial side of the facility, visit the Prince Edward County Cannery page.

In 2010, with grant funding from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, the cannery was retrofitted to become the Prince Edward County Cannery and Commercial Kitchen. Virginia Food Works (VFW) was hired to manage the commercial clients of the cannery, specifically those who want to make foods products for resale. VFW provides information, assistance, and production services to whatever extent that a client may need. Currently, our facility is inspected by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) and may process packaged foods for retail or wholesale.


The cannery contains many pieces of specialized equipment capable of processing large volumes of fresh produce, making our facility a good choice for farmers and specialty food entrepreneurs. Check out the list below for some of the equipment available.

  • Apple Corer/Choppers (3)
  • Blancher (1)
  • Dishwasher (1)
  • Food Processers
    • Robot Coupe R401B
    • Robot Coupe CL50 Ultra E
    • Robot Coup CL55
  • Metered Fillers (1)
  • pH Meters (2)
  • Processing Tables (5)
  • Produce Washer (1)
  • Pulper/Juicers (2)
  • Retorts (2)
  • Rolling Carts
  • Floor Mixer
  • Buffalo Chopper
  • Primera AP362 Label Applicator
  • Scales
    • 11 oz
    • 10 lb
    • 1000 lb
  • Sinks
    • 3-bay Sanitizing Station (1)
    • Produce Station (3)
    • Hand Station (2)
  • Steam-Jacketed Kettles
    • 20-gallon (1)
    • 30-gallon (1)
    • 40-gallon (4)
    • 60-gallon (1)
  • Walk-in Cooler (1)
  • Walk-in Freezer (2)
  • Pallet Jack


The cannery is located in Central Virginia, just five miles outside the town of Farmville. This places our facility within easy driving distance for most Virginia residents, within an hour and a half from Lynchburg, Richmond, and Charlottesville. Most clients find that final product yield is worth the drive. Entrepreneurs have driven from all over the state  to take advantage of the manufacturing efficiency available in our facility due to size and equipment availability.

For any inquiries, contact us at info@VirginiaFoodWorks.org

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